Soybean cake



Soybean cake is obtained by dry extrusion of soybean grain. The phase of pressing and grinding leads to the splitting of large molecules of polysaccharides, which makes the soy cake easier to digestible and accessible digestive tract of animals. This treatment itself provides a product of high nutritional and biological value without the use of chemical reagents, which increases the utilization of proteins.


This leads to one of the most important goals in intensive animal breeding, which is economic savings.

Soybean cake is a unique source of protein, essential amino acids, soybean oil, minerals and vitamins soluble in fats, and in this way meets all the necessary criteria, which includes the Rules on the quality of animal feed.



In the feeding of young animals and animals in growth, soybean cake has the application as a protein and energy nutrient.


NB-soya gold Ltd. produces a standard quality soybean cake containing 42% protein and 7% fat.