Nb-soja-gold - name that says it all


NB - SOJA-GOLD was founded 29.08.2014. in Nadalj, populated place in minicipaliti of Srbobran.

Our basic idea was that in agricultural area, with a large production of soybean, form a organized purchase of soybean with production of soybean meal.

b_280_250_16777215_00_images_novosti_IMG_4564-!-.jpgOur bussines is oriented towards small agricultural manufactures and also a big ones, because we are in the poorly developed distict, so we want to give everyone a chance to sell their products and gain their own goals in bussines. On the other side, we want to acomplish our goals to become  recognizable brand in our country and abroad.


Good and profitable livestock production is simply impossible without any products of soybean. It is very important that heat treatment is adequate in that process.

Basic products of our company are soy groat, soybean cake and crude soybean oil. 

Our mission is to provide a standard product quality, so all our buyers can have good production results in fattening.

Our vision is to become the leading producer of vegetable origin proteins in this region.

Beside production and distribution of our own products, we provide consulting services to our customers for feeding and keeping animals, in order to ensure our customers maximum results achieved in fattening.


We have HACCP certificate on the quality of our products.